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Snowmobiling in Elmore County, Idaho

Breath Taking Views

Enjoy the pristine beauty of Elmore County's countryside as you've never seen it before.  A network of groomed trails is located north of Highway 20 near the Anderson Ranch Reservoir in southwest Idaho.  More that 380 miles of well-marked, groomed trails offer snowmobilers nearly every kind of terrain imaginable for winter fun.  The base elevation is 4,200 feet and climbs close to 10,000 feet in the fabulous Trinity Mountains and the high-mountain prairies and rolling hills of Cat Creek. 

Popular paths include Trinity Lakes, Pfifer Creek, James Creek, Burnt Creek and Wagon Town Loop.  Trails lead to the areas and towns of Featherville, Pine, Deer Creek, Prairie, Rocky Bar, Atlanta, Fall Creek and Idaho City.  There are numerous snowmobile off-load areas and a quaint warming hut nested in the Trinity Mountains area.  Pick up a detailed snowmobile trail map at any one of the area businesses.  Open and print the maps below that depict the general trails.  Due to the 2012 Trinity Ridge Fire and the 2013 Elk and Pony Complex Fires there is a possibility that some of the trails may be closed or have restricted access.  Please check with the local businesses for current trail conditions.

Snowmobiling allows you to view miles of Idaho back country scenery, see wildlife in their natural habitat and socialize with you friends.  The Idaho Snowriders host a snowmobile event each President's day weekend.  For more information on this and other events, contact the snowmobile clubs listed below.  Several locations in the Anderson Ranch Recreation Area offer lodging, food, gas, restaurants, bars, RV facilities and snowmobile rentals.



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Warming Hut in the Trinities

Anderson Dam Recreation Area Trail System

Prior to visiting any area with undeveloped roads, always check by phone dial 511 or or local businesses for current road and weather conditions.

Route: Take U.S. Hwy 20 to Milepost 116 which will take you to Prairie or Fall Creek and the South Fork of the Boise River; Milepost 127 Pine-Featherville Road will take you to Pine and Featherville.
Elevation: 4500-9500
Groomed Trails: 380 Miles (approx.)
Designated Parking: Pine Snow Park, Trinity Snow Park

Mountain Home Ranger District Groomed Snowmobile Trails - AREA 20 Map

Malcomson Snowpark Area

Route: Take U.S. Hwy US-20 for 34.5 miles.  Keep your eyes on the North side of the road, you will see a small structure dubbed "the warming hut". Turn north into parking area. Park at the far West end.  This location is called Malcomson Snowpark. If you are coming from Fairfield  on US-20 it is 21 miles to the snowpark. It is privately own, but a public access easement is held by Elmore County.  Malcomson Snowpark is 620 acres, bordered by public land to the north, and private land to the East and West. This means snowmobilers are actually trespassing most of the time. However, adjacent land owners are aware of this and have granted unspoken permission for the past 25 years. Given that we respect the land. i.e. Not littering, destroying fences, or endangering anyone, it is ours to use. With that said the true size of the snowmobiling land is about  15,000 Acres! Elevation: 5,400